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Other Photographers who inspire and motivate me...

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Possibly an unusual move to create a list of my competitors but I've never really seen them like that. Colleagues, Friends, Brothers and Sisters in arms perhaps.

The only competition in this game is with yourself.

This is a list of photographers whose work I respect, has inspired my work directly, has given me pause for thought about how to achieve a certain result and sometimes, they've just been a great friend!

Amy Shore

Nikon ambassador, motorcycle riding, racecar driving, photographic heroine and thoroughly lovely person!

Amy always takes time to say hello to fellow photographers and offer a few friendly pointers. Check out her absolutely incredible body of work on her website or social media links above.

Ian Skelton

Rally driving, Photo taking pit lane legend. Has an outstanding sense of where and when something is likely to happen (years of rally driving experience has given him Skelly Sense) He captures some incredible moments and i'm proud to call him my friend and to have one of his photos as my Facebook header image!

Ian is a fantastic multi skilled photographer, I highly recommend you check his work out!

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